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Don't just publish, activate yourself and the book before its birthed into the world.

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Atousa started I.AM Publishing after being an author in two multi-author books and her solo book. She felt that the hybrid self-publishing companies were not properly meeting the needs of emerging authors or those that just wanted to share their healing journey with the world. I.AM publishing is transparent in the process and invites the author to be a part of the publishing process and simplifies the mysticism behind the Amazon Self-Publishing world.

The biggest advantage of I.AM publishing is that she helps the author to activate their chapter or book by bringing out the desired energy in the pages, cover art, and what the book will feel like to the reader before it is birthed into the world.

I.AM publishing customizes the service based on your needs. You own the right to your book, art, and sales from the book. 

Our Services

The process of sharing your story is very healing and one that deserves the love and support of the publisher. Atousa will guide you through the healing journey as you bring your story and message alive in the pages of the book.


When you start writing your story in a chapter or a book it will bring out a lot of emotions and triggers, even if you have told the story thousands of times and you have already worked through it. Putting it on paper and sharing it to the world brings out a lot of hidden emotions, triggers and their associated behaviors so that you may heal and release them through the process of publishing. Even the cover art and selecting a cover art can bring about triggers and help in the healing process.


Activating you means helping you become aware of what is there and help you release it and bring about the energy that you want the readers to feel when they are reading the story of your healing journey. Activating the book is about ensuring the cover art and the pages have the energy that you want the readers to feel when they see the book and hold it in their hands. 

I.AM publishing provides you with a safe community that already know your story since they have already experienced it. They can be there to hold your hand when you need it and cheer you on when you need it. A community where you can show up as you without filters and know you are safe loved and supported. 

You always own the rights to what you create (words and art), as well as your royalties from the sales of the book.

We either work with your graphic designer or ours and provide the best cover art design that brings about your energy as well as your book

Wether you publish with us or someone else we can help you become an activated author and activate your chapter and your book.

If you just have enough for a chapter we help you find the right group of authors to turn your chapter into a multi-author book. Or maybe you just need to be a part of community as you write your chapter or book then we have a loving community that welcomes you with open arms and supports you each step. 

We help you self publish on Amazon and IngramSpark and help you come up with a marketing and promotional plan that works best for you, from promoting the book on social media to podcasts, blogs, publications and book awards. 

You are unique and so is your project. That is why we have a discovery call to find out what type of support you are requiring and provide you a package that works well with your needs. 

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Judy Gray

As a publisher, Atousa's role transcends the typical editing and deadline-driven tasks. She is a driving force in shaping and bringing manuscripts to life, infusing them with a unique blend of nurturing energy and a relentless pursuit of authenticity that challenges and inspires authors. Despite her laid-back demeanor, Atousa is known for her promptness, thoroughness, and the invaluable feedback and guidance she provides to enhance the quality of the work. Working with Atousa has been a game-changing experience that extends far beyond the realm of writing. Her unwavering support has not only refined my writing skills but has also fostered personal growth, healing, and self-reflection. Under her mentorship, I have navigated areas of growth, pushed myself to be true to my voice, and deepened my connection with both my work and my audience. The process of writing my story has been both cathartic and enlightening, and I owe a great deal of this positive transformation to Atousa. For any author in search of a publisher who embodies excellence, inspiration, and a dedication to fostering personal and professional growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Atousa for her unmatched commitment and transformative approach to the world of publishing.


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