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Community healing is two folds:
Providing free resources to heal, shift, change AND create a safe environment as you are shifting, healing and changing and you know others in the community will provide support and best mirrors.

First is through my podcast and speaking engagements and second is via the community gatherings, chat, and more. Scroll down to find out more about online resources and to participate in community. 

Podcast Host


The host, Atousa Raissyan, has "Soul Talks" about life, choices, happiness, transformation, healing, parenting, empowerment, magic and so much more. This cutting-edge show is designed to demonstrate that life, healing and spirituality can be easy bu breaking open those beliefs and getting you to follow your internal guiding system (i.e., your intuition) is the Golden Key!

“I started this podcast to inspire people to change their lives and start releasing their bullshit and recognize the ease of living a happier life, experience magic in every day life and manifest a fulfilling life. My guests are ordinary people living extra-ordinary life full of magic."


My podcast appearances - Spotify Playlist

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Throughout the years one thing that majority of my clients have shared that once they were in a place of alignment that they lost friends or did not find the same excitement as they did in the past with people they knew. And they longed for a safe supportive community to be present. 

To answer this need I have formed such a space.  There are in person meet and greets, Zoom meet and greets, Online WhatsApp group. 

Once people get to know each other they meet as smaller groups or individually for support or just to have a conversation.  

This community is also a place if you require support for your business to present an ask and see how the community can support you. This is not a NETWORKING place.

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