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Shaman | Healer | Speaker | Spiritual Guide


MARCH 23RD - 28TH, 2024



If you are READY for a journey within to connect with your power and magic, the time to shift is NOW.

Transformation awaits you in this 6-day spiritual adventure retreat infused with the healing power of the land, where we deeply connect with Mother Nature and Father Sky.


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Meet Your Facilitator

Atousa Raissyan

Shaman | Healer | Speaker | Spiritual Teacher

Living in a fast-paced, fear-based world, it is so easy to lose ourselves in the chaos and forget our own power. Atousa's mission is to bring her gifts in assisting you to shift your reality from fear-based beliefs back into love - the essence of who we really are.


Atousa's ability to connect with people through her own knowledge, intuition, and wisdom creates comfortable spaces for you to fully let go, empowering you to believe in the magic that can happen when we connect to our heart center. 


Atousa will be guiding you through a 6-day retreat in the powerful energetic vortex of Tulum. During the retreat, the teachings of her best-selling and award-winning book, "Change Yourself, Change the World," will be brought into animation for powerful guest healing and transformation. You will be offered the opportunity to see the world through a different light, dissolving the shackles that weigh you down and experience true liberation.

"You are made of the Four Elements, of Mother Earth and Father Sky. You are a miracle and magic, a masterpiece; you are creation in motion."  ~ Atousa Raissyan


With over 23 5-star reviews, this book provides the guidance and tools for you to shift from fear to love; to heal, release and forgive the past. It will transform your life to love and teach you how to accept yourself, your life, and the life of those co-creating with you. 


This book has won The Bookfest Fall 2023 First Place Award in Self-Help Transformation and Body, Mind & Spirit - Healing and Second Place Award in Self-Help: Anxiety. 

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About The Venue

Kan Tulum Cenote2.jpeg
Kan Tulum Architecture.jpeg

Kan Tulum Luxury Jungle Resort

"We Are Architects of a Brighter Tomorrow" ~ Kan Tulum


Your 6-day retreat will be at the breathtaking KAN Tulum, a stunning eco-resort built around a cenote that automatically connects us back to mother earth where all your stresses can flush away. Kan Tulum is in the midst of the vibrant lush green jungle, located in the heart of Tulum, just minutes away from the ocean. There are so many unique qualities that make the Kan special which include the amazing infrastructure built as treehouses.

Bamboo and the jungle like theme cultivate an environment for both humanity and wildlife to coexist. The lining of bamboo brings the symbolism of simplicity and continuous growth, a reminder that peace can be found amidst the simplest of things. The Towers are nested on top where you can enjoy customized views for your pleasure with one specifically created for sunrise, one for the golden hour, and a third with a 360 spectacular view.


Tulum and the Yucatan are often referred to as a vortex where more energies are held and charged than any other place. They are believed to exist at the intersections in the lines of natural energy which large in part make up the earths electromagnetic field. 


Tulum is known as one of the top destinations in the world for spirituality and healing.

What's Included

photography spiritual retreat

Bonus Retreat Special: 
Soulography by Carlene Kanellis

soulography embodiment photography spiritual retreat
photography spiritual retreat
photography spiritual retreat
photography spiritual retreat

This Retreat is For You, If You Want To...

Embark on a New Life Journey

Begin your transformative retreat by envisioning a new life for yourself. Explore the depths of your desires and aspirations during this soul-stirring experience.


Connect from the Heart

Immerse yourself in a sacred community of kindred spirits and explorers. Cultivate profound connections by engaging from the heart, allowing soulful relationships to flourish.


Journey with Your Tribe

Embark on an adventure through the sacred energy sites of Tulum with your newfound tribe. Feel the joy of discovering your soul family and bask in the inspiration of shared spiritual paths.

Experience Soulful Exploration

Unearth a deep sense of inner peace and connection within. By experiencing your innate divinity with a Shaman as your expert guide, you will be able to fully liberate yourself from the fear of experiencing yourself in your fullness and divine totality.



Release your fears and take a courageous leap toward a more fulfilling future. This retreat offers an opportunity to shed limitations and embrace the life you've always yearned for.


Awaken to Your Divinity

Within the sacred community, you'll uncover that the answers you seek are already within you. Connect deeply with your inner self and embrace the unity that surrounds you, awakening to your inherent wisdom.

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Deposit - $1,500

Secure your seat with a small deposit to secure your spot. Final balances due 30 days before retreat.


Early Bird - $4,297

We have limited early birds discounts available for a savings of $500 if you register before December 15th, 2023. 


Single Occupancy - $4,797
Couples - $3,997 Each

We are limiting our guest count to a small group of beautiful souls to keep this a personalized experience.

Each suite has only one bed.

I'm Ready to Transform My Life with Atousa!

Sign me up for this transformational retreat! 

Presented in partnership with Orion Retreats. For registration assistance, please contact Lauren Dickinson at

To book a complimentary discovery call, please contact Atousa Raissyan at

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