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" and gratitude to all that allows me to be part of their journey and to those that choose to walk with me..."


There are not enough words in any language or all combined, to say enough good things about my experience with working with Atousa. This woman, or, Being, is the embodiment of divine, unconditional love and a great amazing healer who works with the person to heal themself in the most supportive, integrated, intuitive way I have ever experienced. I came to Atousa some months ago, that feels like a lifetime ago, after having asked the divine to go back in time (spiritual time) to the time when I was completely healthy. My pressing 'ailment' was a sudden and persistent ringing that had started in my ear. Without knowing I was looking for her, I found her site, connected with the energy of it (without having read any information or a single review), and set up a consult with her. Well, when you ask the universe for something, with a clear intention, you do get it. I did not go only back to the time when the ringing started (the ringing was just a catalyst or wake up call that led me to her and this process I believe), but back to the earliest days and buried traumas of childhood and even before I was born. (I was adopted, so that comes with its own set of trauma and abandonment anxieties). I came to her full of fear that crippled so many parts of my life, even in ways I was not even aware of, as when something is that blocked, you don't even notice it since you cannot feel it. Her method guided me in such a special and supported way that I felt safe and just embraced by this incredible light and love the whole time. She never pushes, but encourages, but in a strong way, and that encouragement enabled me to push myself and make changes I never thought I could make. Of these, perhaps the most important one was learning to love myself. It sounds simple, but this concept was so foreign to me and I know I am not unique in that.

A highlight of my time with her was when I was making a very difficult decision, one in which my heart was breaking to make it, and she supported me the whole time, sending me pictures from nature that were like portals to a magical world. She was, and is, like a guiding beacon of light, like a bright beam of Love (or God/Divine/however you see it) that reaches out and steadies your heart and calms your fear and makes you trust and know that you are supported and "all is well". This level of support and the magic embedded in the pictures gave me the courage to do something that I really had to do but otherwise would not not been able to and to begin stepping out of one cycle in my life and into the next and even better one.

Not only is every session powerful, but Atousa gives exercises and also mantras to help set the work she does during the session and makes herself incredibly available for following up with any questions or concerns that come up in the time in between sessions. The mantras are an incredible gift and purely transformative if you use them. Like Atousa herself, they are magic. I remember when I received my first one, and started saying it, along with doing the exercises, I literally felt like a stone starting to crack. This was an actual physical sensation I felt, as the first of many layers of fear/trauma/walls started to break down. And it became more and more beautiful from there. Every week, little by little coming down.

Atousa has helped, and continues to help me in so many ways. Though I'd had what I felt was a solid foundation in spirituality, compassion, love, gratitude, carrying that level of fear and lack of self love or belief in myself de-solidified all of those things. This is why whatever I tried to do kept ending me up in the same endless cycle of self doubt and fear. I even remember how sometimes I would wake up in the mornings, or especially after a nap, and shudder, like I was shocked to be back here in my body after having been wherever I was when I was sleeping. Now I wake up every time smiling and happy to embrace the day, no matter what is on my agenda for the day and I am so very grateful. I will be grateful forever. Thank you, Atousa.

Cassandra K.

My work with Atousa has been such an incredible gift. I knew that there were blockages inside me that were tied into my past. What I did not realize was how much I was holding on to and the way I was experiencing and holding onto memories in my body. She provided me with tools to guide me on this healing journey that have had such a deep effect on my perception of my life and the universe around me. The act of just being, trusting in my inner knowing and allowing life to flow. It seems like such a simple concept. And it is. And that is the beauty of it.

Lyra S.

Working with Atousa is always amazing and life changing. Second part of our work: We worked specifically on the body and helping me gain mobility and strength by releasing trauma trapped in my physical body. Alongside my chiropractor who changed the alignment of my skeleton, she helped me learn what different experiences and sensations in my body indicated, which shifted my diet and mindset so much I have lost over 40lbs to date. I no longer take pain meds everyday, just every once in a while when I am extra sore from activity. I rode a bike for the first time in years, I can walk a mile, not just 10 feet. My arthritic knees feel better than they have in 10 years, barely causing me pain, and when they do, I have tools to care for them better. Before working with her, I was convinced I would have chronic pain for the rest of my life. At 45, that seemed a sad fate. I am now living a life I never thought would be possible. Thank you Atousa for all of your profound but simple guidance. If you have constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, Atousa can help you! Just go see her!

First Part of our work: I came to Atousa feeling broken, anxiety ridden, fearful, and full of sadness and grief. I was lacking an essential ingredient to living a fulfilling life--self love. After an intensive series of trauma release sessions, and rebuilding my internal barometer to be heart-centered, I am finally living in a place of love, peace, magic, and more joy than I have ever experienced! There are no words to express the profound nature of her healing and guidance. Thank you Atousa, I am eternally grateful!

Sara C.

For those uncertain of their healing journey, I highly recommend Atousa's book. Or reaching out to her personally! I have had the honor of working with her since 2022 and can verify this book goes with her teaches. You can honestly open this book to any page and be met with a loving lesson. Speaking from my personal experience practicing what she's taught me really has transformed my life and my perspective. With that being said, your personal experience will always be unique to you and that is what makes it BEAUTIFUL. Healing can be scary, but only if you allow it to be.

Shonna P.

"I am so happy I found Atousa and her beautiful gifts! I was feeling out of sorts and weighed down by my emotions. Atousa listened, supported me, and chose the energy work that fit my needs. I not only received healing, but valuable insights and peace. Highly recommend Atousa!"

Amy E.


"I will give Atousa 10 stars if I can. She is just amazing and a life changer. Atousa has so many approaches/techniques to help me with the followings. 1. Connecting current me with little/younger me in childhood/ adolescence/adulthood and revealing/discovering my traumas and negative memories. 2. Analyzing how the past traumas/negative memories affect my personality and behaviors. 3. Cleansing those traumas/negative emotions and memories. 4. Helping me to see things from different perspectives; turning my thoughts around. Atousa’s words are profound, insightful, and witful. I feel reborn and refreshed after every session with Atousa. My family saw 5 therapists in the past year, not including Atousa. None of them had any effective approaches/techniques like Atousa. I regret that I couldn’t have found Atousa earlier! Atousa is definitely and absolutely the BEST!"


Yichen C.

"Atousa is honestly one of the best gifts I’ve ever received from the universe. She is gifted beyond what words can even describe. I worked with her for 10+ sessions where she helped me work through decades of unhealed trauma wounds. Always gentle and caring, she guides you through your pain to arrive at a remarkable place. I could always feel Atousa and her energy in our sessions - nothing short of miraculous and marvelous. She has a gift and if you are lucky enough to work with her- jump at it. I’m so thankful and feel privileged to have worked with her. I know she is someone that I will work with again and again! I am forever changed and forever grateful. Namaste, my dear friend. 💚🙏🏼💚"

Jenn H.

"When I came across Atousa, I was going through one of the most challenging periods of my life.

I was exhausted, hopeless, and trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and emotions that seemed never-ending. Despite my efforts to understand myself through various books on psychology, I couldn't break free from this destructive pattern. It felt as though I was blind to my own issues, unable to see the root causes.

Atousa entered my life and became a guiding light in my journey of healing. She helped me reveal and heal the accumulated traumas from different stages of my life, allowing me to integrate the fragmented aspects of my being. During our sessions, a sense of calm and peace washed over me, and time seemed to slow down. It was in those moments that I truly began to feel the transformative power of her work.

The most profound transformation I experienced while working with Atousa was the removal of the barriers that had hindered my spiritual growth. I started to tap into the boundless love of the universe and the inherent kindness of life itself. I awakened to the realization that I wasn't merely a passive participant in my own existence, but rather the empowered creator of my life, with a multitude of choices at my disposal. Even in the face of life's challenges, I discovered the immense generosity of existence, which granted me the fulfillment of my deepest desires. I feel gratitude.

Atousa's teachings enabled me to approach life with love and live in the present moment, embracing a state of simplicity, harmony, and stability. Interestingly, as we continued our work together, life presented me with another test. To my surprise, anger and panic no longer consumed me, and the urge to control every aspect of my existence faded away. It was as if the long-standing cycle had finally been shattered, leaving me with a newfound sense of freedom and strength.

Throughout this transformative journey, I always felt Atousa's unwavering love and support. Even when the process became challenging and triggered intense psychological impacts, she created a safe and nurturing space for me to explore and heal. With her guidance, my integrity remained protected, and I was gently led through each shift and transformation.Seeking Atousa's help was undeniably one of the wisest and most significant choices l've made in my life. I am deeply grateful for her unwavering guidance and support, which have paved the way for my personal growth and brought about profound changes in my existence. I highly recommend her podcast: Goodbye Bullshit, Hello Happiness and her book "Creativity Is: Whatever You Want It To Be". I also did and will continue to recommend her to my friends."

Irene Hajing Q.

"I would give her 100 stars out of 5 if I could. She is an extraordinary person with so many healing modalities she uses with her clients. She truly has a gift of helping and healing her clients. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. The world needs so many more people like her."

Handmade Sanctuary (Deanna F.)

"Everything happens for a reason. I had the pleasure of working with Atousa after I experienced some events in my life in which I felt I needed guidance. I found Atousa through a simple google search and am so grateful that I chose to work with her. Throughout my journey, Atousa has helped me grow in so many different areas of my life. However the best gift she has given me are the tools to look and grow from within. Instead of telling me what I wanted to hear, Atousa challenged me in ways that were difficult at first but held so much truth, value and understanding in the end. Even though I am still growing and know that I can always rely on her for help, I feel so much more confident now in myself and my path with the tools she has given me. You will not regret working with her."

James H.

"Atousa is fantastic. She will work with you and guide you to achieve your goals, whatever they are, with kindness and respect. I tried several of her services and all had, and continue to have, a meaningful impact in my process of self-grow/transformation and my life overall. Moreover, after getting to know some of her other clients, it's evident she has helped many others with their very different personal and/or spiritual goals - no goals are too big or too small. Everyone's process is different and every single person deserves a chance to find out what works for them. In my case, I found my experience with Atousa to be life-changing and I am excited to continue going about my life with a new outlook on life and all, and new tools to continue working on myself. To anyone reading this message: hope you find what you are looking for ❤️🌟 Thank you, Atousa. ❤️‍🔥✨️🌟"

Daisy C.

"I started journey to self-love with Atousa, February 27, 2021 and as I write this May 8, 2021, I can truly say Atousa is by far the best teacher and mentor to enter my life through divine connection. To begin, I was led to her when an intuitive told me self-love would change my life. At the time, I was doing all the “self-love” things like working out, getting massages, facials, mani/pedis, creating boundaries, meditating, etc. But, I like instant gratification, so I went to Google and booked an appointment with Atousa assuming she’d give me all the answers. Little did I know, she was going to make me work for it!! I expected I’d just lay on a table, get reiki, and all my problems would magically go away 😂 Well, let me tell you I had some of the toughest and most rewarding weeks of my life. By releasing past trauma—weekly/biweekly sessions of working through MANY years of trauma, I was able to discover my fullest potential, and learn I hold the power to my happiness, nobody else. I was brought up in a world with a lot of rules, structure, and high-performance. I was a Vice President by 28, making more money than I could’ve dreamt of as a kid — and, yet had more problems than I can list here: IBS, acute pancreatitis, Hashimotos, constant fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, TMJ, candida issues, and high cortisol levels — and, let’s not forget relationship and trust issues. Atousa gave me homework after each session and would lovingly check in throughout the weeks and always knew what I needed to hear. I just graduated after my 8th session with Atousa. I left feeling proud, excited, and genuinely happy for my journey ahead—and, a new job, new role, and new beginnings. My transformation wasn’t easy, but I’d do it all over again. Thank you, Atousa for allowing me not to only see a world full of pure love and goodness, but more importantly, seeing it within me. I no longer reject love, but I. Am. Love 💕"

Chelsea B.

"Atousa isn’t an ordinary woman, she is a guide that will help you navigate your life in many different ways. Most importantly, her energy, even remotely, will help you in the process of healing. I had been on a journey of self love and healing over the last year, and Atousa was a catalyst for unlocking a lot of mystery and frustrations of my past that I had either not realized or had forgotten about. Finding these traumas, acknowledging them, processing them, healing them, and releasing them. My 10 week journey with her had me finding more and more about myself and after every session, I had felt significantly different. Sometimes, lighter and better, sometimes, heavier but with good reason, because the heaviness was realizations about the past and how they had been affecting my present. Most importantly, she taught me how to feel, acknowledge and understand it all. And how to navigate it, if it comes up in my day to day life. Healing isn’t done in a session, or over night. It takes work. Atousa was and is there to help you through that work with the best results you could ever imagine. Be sure to go in with an open mind and open heart. And be ready for the most beautiful positive change in your life. I can't recommend her enough, and already have recommended her to a few close friends who are ready for their journey to their best selves."

Stefan G.

"I first met with Atousa on what I thought would be a one time appointment filled with insight and counsel about my career endeavors ….. i laugh so hard at that now looking back. That first meeting was the catalyst to the very change I have now experienced after these last few months with her. The life transformation that Atousa’s expertise and guidance have given me is truly something I’m finding hard to put words to. Today was my 11th & final session with her — for now ;) ) and the words that came to me as we parted was this —“this experience, with you (Atousa), was everything I never knew I always needed. Truly- that statement sums it all up, folks. What I’ve discovered and learned about myself in less than 3 months.. I wasn’t able to get in 3 YEARS of therapy. I love myself. I see myself. And I trust myself. For the first time in my life I honor, acknowledge and trust the light that is within me. I’ve always had everything I’ve ever needed within me to anchor, guide & guard my soul …. I just never knew it until now. Thank you, Atousa .. just so many thank you’s!!"

Judy G.

Working with Atousa has been life changing for me. She was recommended by my therapist who thought Atousa could help me heal spaces that my therapist hadn't been able to help me through. My inner-child work with Atousa has helped me release long-held emotions that were keeping me from moving forward in my life. I would highly recommend Atousa to anyone looking to deepen their healing practice."

Lee T.P.

"It is hard to write a testimonial about Atousa or the sessions as I had so many incredible moments that I don't know where to begin. Atousa is helping with her wisdom and warmth to go through one of the most challenging times of my life. She is very committed to her work, and you can sense her passion through her warmth and carefully selected words. She regularly checks on me after sessions and adjusts the homework to help me meet my challenges more gently. When I met her, I was very fragile with stress and trauma, and gradually through the sessions, I found my strength back. I am still walking my journey, and I feel incredibly lucky to have met Atousa to receive her support and wisdom in this healing journey."

Shima K.


"Atousa has been wonderful for helping me improve my self-reflection and make connections between how I act/react and where those actions/reactions stem from. I appreciate her willingness to speak frankly and clearly with me and also that she checks on me and makes sure that I am feeling good about our sessions. A friend of mine asked what I am getting out of the experience and I told her that it is helping me be more present in my life and not so concerned with my past. I also said that I just feel more settled, in general. I highly recommend this work with Atousa."



"Atousa is one of the most incredible healers and has such a warm, kind personality. I started my sessions at a point of feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, stuck at an unfulfilling corporate job, and not being able to find my purpose or what would make me happy. At one point I even tried traditional therapy and saw no results. I've never experienced anything like Atousa's approach, but kept hearing about the positive effects of trauma release and energy healing, and decided I had nothing to lose. Atousa was truly a miracle worker. I had so many layers of stressful and traumatic events that shaped me from my childhood, and over the course of 4 months, we went layer by layer to get to the root cause of my anxieties and deepest fears. Some of the initial sessions were extremely hard and painful, but not only was Atousa always spot on with her assessment, I felt like she could read my mind. She also gave incredible exercises each time to help accompany the sessions and expedite the healing. Atousa was always available, checked up on me every week, and was extremely responsive. Now 4.5 months later, I feel like a different person. I still have so much to work on, but finally feel more confident in myself and my abilities, am much more composed and calm, know what I'm working towards, and have been able to connect with my body on a different level. Most of my stress-driven conditions have also gotten significantly better and I'm so excited to continue with my exercises. Atousa also taught me to finally love myself for who I am and to stop trying to fit some perfect mold that came from societal and family expectations. I truly can't thank her enough for her profound impact and know I can go to her any time I hit a tough period in life or just need someone to talk to. If you're even remotely considering booking a session, you won't regret it!"



I started working with Atousa back in April 2021 after suffering two early miscarriages.  I was feeling lost, alone, uncertain about my future, and desperate for help.  I was on a warpath to get pregnant again and felt I just needed someone to clear my energy. I went in thinking I was just going to get an energy healing and be sent on my way. Boy was I wrong! Atousa has helped me work through a lot of deep repressed emotions and triggers from my past/childhood that I had no idea I was still holding on to that were manifesting in my life currently.  Working with her allowed me to come to a state of self-acceptance and love/appreciation for my body and my life in general. I was able to see why I was so desperate/in a rush to be a mom and how I was allowing my past fears to block my blessings.  The exercises and mantras she gave me have brought me to a place of trusting in the plan that God has for me and releasing my incessant need to control everything. I am still a work in progress, but I a so much more open to going with the flow of life and being open to receiving. While I have not yet gotten my rainbow baby, with Atousa's help, I now have the faith and understanding that what is mine will always be mine, and what is not will leave. I am open to receiving and I trust that God will deliver my wishes and desires at the right time and in the best way. Surrendering is hard, but there is such beauty and freedom in letting go.  I highly recommend Atousa to anyone needing clarity in life's struggles and challenges.  I promise you will gain a true friend for life! She is truly a remarkable woman and I am so glad to have met her on my journey.  Thank you Atousa, I love and appreciate you so very much.



It's taken me a long time to write this.  I am still in the process of deep self-discovery and what a journey it is and has been all thanks to Atousa.  There are so many silver linings from this last year and Atousa is one of them.  It's hard to put it into words, but Atousa helped me let go and break down all the mental boxes, structures, and rules I had put on myself unknowingly. Anxiety, fear, and burnout was the name of the game.  I was closed off to my emotions both good and bad. With Atousa as my guide, I was able to learn how to navigate these emotions again with more ease and less fear. I am experiencing more peace and balance more and more each day as time goes by thanks to the tools Atousa has given me.  I am so grateful for her caring and supportive approach; there is no one else I could have gone on this journey with.



Atousa is most certainly a divine lightworker. I am thankful that a dear friend connected me with her. Atousa helped me to find internal buried treasures, including my voice. Through song, meditation, and writing she guided me to new understandings about past and current experiences and how to stay inside me. She is patient, thoughtful and provided guidance that matched my specific needs. While I have sought assistance from great therapists, she has by far provided the most powerful tools that helped me to reconnect with myself. I am thankful.



My first experience with Atousa was everything I had been looking for in a healing session. The moment I met her, I instantly felt comfortable and she felt like a familiar soul. I am feeling so wonderful after our session, cannot wait to return to see her again, and have already recommended her to someone close to me. I am so incredibly grateful to have found her.



Atousa is a truly gifted practitioner. She has a passion for her work, and it shows in her warmth. She created a peaceful, sacred container for my session, and it allowed the energies to flow. Her practice space is lovely, and I dig her "Tiny Shop" with spiritual goodies. Atousa's artwork is stunning, and she sells masks that have the artwork on them. She is an asset as you grow along your spiritual journey, and I highly recommend working with her.



My energy healing sessions with Atousa were transformational.  I was going through some very stressful times in my life (separation, fear, and sadness) and she was able to help me transcend them.  She is very knowledgeable and intelligent and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level.  I can say that I now feel more empowered and free.  I am very grateful to have met her. 



Working with Atousa has been life-changing.  She is an intuitive, gifted empath, who uses her wisdom and energy to support you on your journey towards finding more peace, love, and fulfillment in your life.  I cannot recommend her enough!



So Atoussa was able to accomplish in a few sessions what years of therapy could not . I suffered with low self love /self esteem for decades stemming from childhood trauma which has caused me to make poor relationship decisions and development of struggles with alcohol. She has been able to release a lot of the trauma so that I can develop a new relationship with myself . I’ve never had so much progress in such a short period of time. ❤️❤️

Beth C.


Life-changing is putting it lightly. My experience working with Atousa has brought me a sense of calm and purpose. Walking into my experience, I thought I had dealt with a number of life stressors pretty well but I had a nagging sense of unresolved anxiety that popped up at the most inopportune times. My work with Atousa quickly extinguished those sources of anxiety. She is purposeful and supportive. You will be amazed at how quickly you see change!



Working with Atousa has been an incredible and rewarding experience.  She has helped me tap into my inner power and connect with my intuition.  Atousa is extremely wise and dedicated to her craft. She genuinely cares about your wellbeing and provides practical tools and guidance to enhance your quality of life.  This has been very valuable to me, especially in light of everything going on now with the Coronavirus.  The tools and guidance she's given me has helped me to remain focused and remain centered in these uncertain times.  I'm grateful that she has played an important role along my journey.



Atousa is an amazing gifted healer.  After years of a trial and error approach to healing, I'm so glad I stumbled upon her website.  Immediately connecting to her energy and light, we worked together over multiple sessions towards my goals of deep healing. I can honestly say I'm truly a changed person from the inside and out having let go of childhood traumas.  You seriously want to work with Atousa if you're ready to thrive!



I have the utmost gratitude and appreciation for Atousa for helping me find light in my darkest times.  Her kind nature and therapeutic approach to healing make it very easy to be calm and open up making the process very effective and introspective.  She has an incredible talent to connect with you in ways words cannot describe.  My experiences with her have shown me that true healing begins internally.  I can't thank her enough for helping me make peace with past traumas that have been hindering my growth as well as checking in daily to make sure everything was ok during the time we were not meeting.  Highly recommend !!!



Working with Atousa helped me to bring into conscious awareness thought patterns and behavior that have become unconscious and automatic. She made the invisible blockages visible, empowering me to make a helpful change in my life. I learned to cultivate intention, attention, and attitude to identify behaviors I wished to change and establish more beneficial ones. Her work is for anyone who wants to let go of old habits and live with greater well-being and ease. Highly recommend her, she is a blessing.





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