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FAQ | Atousa Raissyan

What is Life Transformation/Past Trauma Release/Body Mastery?


We are all whole and complete and when we come into this world we come with this knowledge, but each day we start in our physical life, we forget this knowledge and begin to look outside ourselves to feel love, safety, acceptance, and worthiness of receiving.  


Early on in our physical life, through our life experiences, with people in our lives and their treatment of us, our perception of our physical surroundings; and any of the experiences that leave an emotional, mental, or physical impression on us; we form our thought patterns and behaviors.  So as we get older and more of such experiences and perceptions, the more elaborate and complicated our thought processes become, and the more behavior triggers are formed.

Again, you are not broken for me to fix you.  Healing is a process of guiding you to take your load off, clean and clear your vision, remove the barriers you have built, and help rewire the emotional, mental, physical, and energetic bodies. 

Trauma is any experience that has left a mark on your emotional, mental, and energy bodies.  Sometimes these traumas are significant like abuse and neglect, sometimes it can be abuse that happened to someone else in the family that was witnessed, or it can be simple as having to move, a broken promise, or anything that the adult mind would consider silly, normal, or insignificant, but to the child that experienced it, it was a significant and defining point. 

Your body is holding on to emotional and physical traumas and generational issues passed down. Some of these show up as physical, mental, emotional illnesses and symptoms and body issues such as body weight, sleep, and mobility issues. 

Sessions are different from talk therapy, where we are not bringing forward every experience and hashing them out and reliving them.  We will touch on those areas, however, we work only on significant experience(s) on an energetic level.  Most of my clients are or have been, in therapy. In addition, I have treated many therapists, and they would all agree that this is different from their therapy experience, since therapy primarily works with emotional and mental bodies as opposed to all four bodies.

The sessions are tailored to you and your needs. How deep we go and what we need to know depends on where are starting and what your are your goals. First session is getting to know you and your goals. If enough time we may either dive into the healing and releasing work or I will have you lay down and I release energy blockages and clear chakras as much as I can and start to look at where and what past trauma you are holding in the body as well as discover generational healing that needs to be performed.   Sessions after spent releasing and healing the hidden traumas and re-programming the patterns and behaviors as well as body connection. 

My goal for everyone, is to release the fears that you are holding on to. And help you listen and communicate with your body. To bring your soul and body, mind and heart, divine and self into alignment with each other. So that you recognize and become aware of your oneness with the world around you. 


The techniques I use in each session depending on what we need to work on at that time.  Some of the techniques used are:

  • Energy Emotional Layer Release which is what I have derived from Emotional Code; the difference is that I don't ask questions of you, I directly connect and communicate with your energy to release the hidden emotions and heart wall emotions

  • Energetically connecting to your inner child, which is different from what happens in normal talk therapy. The inner child is not what the client actually remembers as a child.  This is an energetic signature of the client at a specific age where they experienced trauma (e.g., any experience that felt distressing at the time).  This could take some time since most clients see things the way they remember which is very different from the energetic experience at that time. 

  • Shamanic healing as needed, such as soul retrieval, ancestral clearing, spirit guide, animal guide retrieval, song (a specific song for your healing), dance (a specific movement for your healing), and cord cutting.

  • Sound healing which I use my own voice and sound to release blockages in your body.

  • Tetralogy Healing - We have an emotional, physical, mental, and energy body.  So for a specific thought pattern, I go in and release it in the emotional, physical, mental, and energy bodies. 

  • Body Movement, which I guide you either through various body stretches and movements to help release the trauma and/or through dance like movements to release. 

  • EFT Tapping, and many other different energy healing modalities.

The homework/prescription is generally, different mantras and meditations as well as if I have given the client their specific song and/or dance. As we work on healing/releasing in the sessions, the homework exercises work on healing and changing through patterns and behaviors. 


I am always available in between sessions through text to answer questions or provide additional guidance.

The number of sessions depends on what we are trying to release and accomplish and your goals for yourself.  Usually, clients start to feel better in the first few sessions. The clients that have a deeper goal of connection and oneness and desire change usually achieve it in 10 - 15 sessions. Frequency of sessions depends on you and how fast or slow you like to move through the process.

Why I don't use Ayahuasca, or alike?

Most people when they ask me questions if I use plant medicine, is the same as when clients come and they are wanting me to wave my hands or some sort of magic wand and make them feel good. Our society has an addiction to feeling happy and feeling good. Nothing wrong with feeling happy and good as long as you know that your attachment to this desire, and your attachment to duality and "good" "bad" "happy" "sad" is what is causing you to stay in this state of "unhappiness" "un-fulfillment."


Yes meditation, sound baths, yoga, breathwork, ceremonies, etc. will help you find “zen” in your life. However they will not lead you to find truth. Truth of who you are inside and life. Truth of discovering the peace and joy that will not be broken by the outside storms. Zen is not going to release your identities that you have created over the year. Zen just makes them quiet for the duration that you remain in “zen” state. The truth can only be discovered, through self-discovery.

No amount of purge from ayahuasca, micro-dosing, CBD-THC, Rapé/Hapé is going to give you freedom you are seeking in life. No amount of ceremonies, yoga, meditation, breathwork, somatic work, exercise is going to free you from your mind seeking happiness. Because the approach which you take these steps all starts from the fear-full mind, with an attachment to desire(s), attachment to an outcome(s), attachment to a achievement(s). And if right now you are saying that is not true, great, then I invite you to stay with me, even if you agree stay with me.


There is nothing wrong with any of the above practices. They are actually recommended, I even prescribe meditations, mantras and exercises. They are helpful and if and when you are called to do any of it, then follow that path. What I am speaking about here is rather the intention in which you are doing these practices or seeking them. Is it based in fear or a flowing from heart space? Are you “doing” it to achieve or it’s a natural flow of life? If you stop doing it does it bring out fear, anger and resentment? Are you “doing” them to achieve feeling good and happy in the body and life?


Plant-based solutions bring you the gift of you seeing you. You don’t need the plant to see something unless you have been refusing to see it. Perhaps you have seen it and rather unsee it or ignore it and say to yourself there must be another way to “get rid” of it. Whatever the plant medicine shows you, then you still have to be willing to forgive, release and heal it. You have to be ready to see it and let it go. Plant medicine bring you messages, however if you are not ready to follow through the message is not useful. 

I see the parts in you that need to be released, the parts to forgive and parts that need to ask forgiveness. Without needing the plant medicine. Once we see it and I guide you in healing it the purge in natural and all comes together. Together we will release your identities tied to your attachments, which are causing the triggers. Once you let go of attachments and identities, then there is no one to get triggered. Self-recognition (I AM) is the key and what we strive for. 

So What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing, also called Energy medicine or biofield therapy is when a practitioner channels the universal energy to remove blockages, clear the energy pathways, and re-aligning chakras, the benefits of which are better health and reduction in stress and anxiety.  I mainly perform this as hands-on sensory-based practice using crystals, sound, and sage.  In some cases, I may also offer remote healing sessions.

It should be mentioned that if you are suffering from emotional issues or physical issues whose basis is rooted in past emotional experiences, the past trauma release sessions will be more beneficial.  Since in those sessions I will assist in discovering the root cause of the issues, releasing and healing them, while giving you techniques to change your habits and thought patterns that were established as a result of the past experiences.

What are your COVID-19 procedures?

My family and I are fully vaccinated. I see clients in-person and remotely via Zoom. 

For clients wanting to come in person, you must have your COVID-19 vaccination and latest Booster

In Person Clients:

If you have fever, nausea, cough, or any symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.

All clients must wear a mask prior to entry, take shoes off upon entry, and wash hands.

You must not be exhibiting any flu like symptoms. If you are exhibiting symptoms or have a fever you will be asked to return home.

If you have traveled outside the area in the past 7 days prior to your appointment 3 days before as well as the day of appointment you must have a negative COVID Test and not experience any symptoms.

Clients are spaced out apart so that there is no need to wait

Clients are required to bring their own masks and wear a mask prior to entering the facility.

Remote sessions are held via Zoom. 

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