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“Game-changer”, “intuitive gifted healer”, “guiding light”, “life-changing”, “magic”, “a blessing”, and "best teacher and mentor" are often how Atousa Raissyan’s clients describe their experience with her. 

Atousa is recognized as a certified, heart-centered Transformational Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, Digital Artist, Poet, Host of the podcast Goodbye Bullshit, Hello Happiness, and Motivational Speaker.  


She has extensive experience in, and passion for, helping individuals to discover and tap into their “true self”, in order to unlock their potential to experience their desired life, in terms of abundance, relationship, and personal well-being.


She has been featured in Potomac Lifestyle Magazine, Entrepreneurs Herald, and USA Today. 

Atousa has been practicing the art of wellness for over seventeen years during which time her clients have expressed how she has transformed their lives and in turn their families' lives. Most of her clients have tried traditional to holistic/alternative practices without success and come to her once they have lost hope.

Experiencing her healing methods, they release their past traumas whether it be generational, social, physical, and/or emotional along with their associated triggers.  They are then able to reach their goals, make their dreams a reality, and learn the skills to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Her most popular service is "Life Transformation", where she works with clients with deep-rooted traumas and anxieties.


She helps release them using a variety of techniques including shadow work, inner child trauma purge, inner child vibrational healing, inner child empowerment, shamanic healing practices, reiki, sound, tetralogy healing, EFT, and Energy Emotional Code release.


The different modalities she uses, as well as her home practices, help her clients rewire their emotional, mental, physical, and energy bodies. 


“You are made of the four elements of Mother Earth and Father Sky. You are a miracle and magic...a masterpiece. You are creation In motion."



Atousa believes that we are all an evolving work in progress to transform ourselves, especially those who actively chose to take the spiritual path of releasing, clearing, and aligning. Her own transformation and healing journey to become aligned with her truth, to fully love and accept herself, has been her training ground to perfect the healing modalities that she uses for her clients now including her own Tetralogy Healing method.

Her healing space provides a sanctuary for her clients to feel safe and at peace so that they can express themselves freely knowing that they are not being judged, and what they discuss with her, stays confidential.  Many clients share that by just walking into her space they feel at ease and at peace, which is well suited for releasing and healing. 

She is most proud of the positive impact she has made in her clients' lives which is reflected in her client testimonials.

She is most grateful for her clients for allowing her to be part of their journey and love empowering them.  She loves seeing the progress that they have made from their initial visit.  Each of her clients has a special place in her heart and she feels blessed to be their guide, and to know someday they will be healing others on their path.

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