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Speaker + Podcast Host

Soulystic Unicorns is a platform bringing about transformation in each individual, and through the ripple effect, in family, friends, and the world. You will receive affirmations, mantras, rituals, exercises, and video guidance to connect you with your essence, which is love and divine. 

The mantras are designed to guide you to love yourself, connect to your inner magic, and trust in yourself and life, by releasing and reprogramming old behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you. The change we wish for in the world, in our community, and in our homes first begins with each individual. Change begins with one mighty Soulystic Unicorn at a time.

I love Soulystic Unicorns because it gives me a constructive way to work on my spiritual growth.  Atousa's messages show up at just the right time and feel divinely led.  The community is supportive and reminds you that you are not alone on this journey.  Atousa has created such a safe and approachable space for real-life soul growth.


ELLE S. - Wild Unicorn Member



You will receive 5 affirmations/mantras a week. Each week is a different topic, such as forgiveness, release, surrender. 

INVESTMENT: $3.40/month OR  $44.40/annually






Along with the daily affirmations/mantras you will receive rituals, exercises that will work alongside the mantras and help with furthering re-programming the patterns and behaviors. 


INVESTMENT: $5.55/month OR $66.60/annually






Along with the daily affirmations/mantras and the exercises, you will receive more instructional weekly video guidance as well as direct access to me to receive guidance and advice for your specific situation. You are also part of supportive community that meets and supports each other in recognizing their magic. 


INVESTMENT: $11.11/monthly OR  $111.11/annually

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