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Looking for an inspirational speaker to light up your audience, all while guiding them to a space of self-awareness, wonder, healing and self-love?

Meet Atousa Raissyan, Life Alchemist: Igniting Passion In The Heart And Stillness In The Mind. She is an intuitive healer, heart-centered transformational life coach, shaman, spiritual guide, inspirational speaker, and award-winning published author.

Atousa's work has helped clients to transform their lives by releasing traumas, healing emotional and spiritual wounds, opening up new life paths through changed perspectives, habits and behaviors and more.

"She taught me how to feel, acknowledge and understand it all(past traumas) and how to navigate it, if it comes up in my day to day life"


"What I've discovered and learned about myself in less than 3 months, I wasn't able to get in 3 YEARS of therapy. I love myself, I see myself and I trust myself. For the first time in my life I honor acknowledge and trust the light that is within me"


"I am finally living in a place of love, peace magic and more joy than I have ever experienced"


"I feel like a different person, finally feel more confident in myself and abilities, much more composed and calm"


"She helped me see that I am love and that I am lovable and that I deserve love, I am still blown away by how far I've come"


"I now see a world full of pure love and goodness, but more importantly, seeing it within me. I no longer reject love, but I am Love"

She has been featured in USA Today, MSN, NYC Journal, Potomac Lifestyle, Entrepreneurs Herald, Thrivers's in Action, MENAFN, New Age Tarot Readings. As and Author she has won Nautilus International Gold Award and The BookFest First and second place awards, as well as being  on Amazon Bestseller's List. She has been featured in numerous podcasts and summit.s 

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