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Parting The Path

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Artwork Inspiration Poem:
I come to you shining the light
Parting the path to heaven
Yes it may cut
It may bruise
It may hurt
But it will lift
It will bring joy
It will bring love
I guarantee if you trust
You will clear your path for good

Life is calling you
I'll keep shining the light
For you to heal and clear the path
to remember you are supported in the wings of grace
to see the heaven inside

The light is within
Just be a witness
To hear and see
I'll guide you
And will be with you every step of the way

By clearing and letting go of layers of self
I can see the light
The light is inside of me
I am perched in the wings of grace
I am safe
I am supported
I am loved
I am love
I am grace - Atousa Raissyan

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