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Looking for an inspirational speaker to light up your audience, all while guiding them to a space of self-awareness, wonder, healing and self-love?

Meet Atousa Raissyan, intuitive healer, heart-centered transformational life coach, shaman, spiritual guide, inspirational speaker, and published author.

Atousa's work has helped clients to transform their lives by releasing traumas, healing emotional and spiritual wounds, opening up new life paths through changed perspectives, habits and behaviors and more.

"She taught me how to feel, acknowledge and understand it all(past traumas) and how to navigate it, if it comes up in my day to day life"


"What I've discovered and learned about myself in less than 3 months, I wasn't able to get in 3 YEARS of therapy. I love myself, I see myself and I trust myself. For the first time in my life I honor acknowledge and trust the light that is within me"


"I am finally living in a place of love, peace magic and more joy than I have ever experienced"


"I feel like a different person, finally feel more confident in myself and abilities, much more composed and calm"


"She helped me see that I am love and that I am lovable and that I deserve love, I am still blown away by how far I've come"


"I now see a world full of pure love and goodness, but more importantly, seeing it within me. I no longer reject love, but I am Love"

She has been featured in USA Today, Potomac Lifestyle, Entrepreneurs Herald, Thrivers's in Action, MENAFN, New Age Tarot Readings, and Number 1 on Amazon Bestseller's List. In the past 2 years she has been the featured speaker in over 25 podcasts and summits. 

Previous Press

Passion. Inspiration. Hope

Featured In:


USA Today: 8 Top Transformational Coaches To Know Right Now


How does a healer heal? Get a Shaman


Entrepreneurs Herald: Top 10 Coaches Share Their Advice To Live A Fulfilled Life


Thrivers In Action: Trauma Healing


MENAFN: Life Journey From Suffering To Creating Massive Impact


Potomac Lifestyle Magazine: Energy Healing Food For The Soul

Published Books

Change Yourself Change The World | Number One Bestselling Author

Change Yourself Change The World:

Transform Your Life From Fear-Based Living to Choosing Love and Seeing Magic.

About the Book: This book provides the guidance and tools for your to shift from fear to love. To heal, release and forgive the past. And to transform your life to love and accept yourself, your life and the life of those co-creating with you. May you always know that you are bigger than your current reality or anything that has ever happened to you. You have a divine reason for being here and you are a gift to the world.

Number one bestseller | Five Star Reviews
Creativity Saved My Life | Number One International Bestselling Author

Creativity is what you want it to be ...

A Mulit-Author book. Title of My Chapter: Creativity Saved My Life.

About the book: Have you always thought that to be "creative" you have to be good at drawing or painting? Many have taken on this definition and believe it as truth. These twenty amazing contributors are all here to expand the "societal" definition of creativity beyond a pencil and paintbrush. We have come to realize that people have defined creativity in such expansive ways! It is so exciting to hear it described as; discovering their own magic and owning it, thought moving into action and birthing potential into reality, just to name a few. These definitions and perspectives really get at a person's true essence, basically all that we are and want to be. The wish is for you to be inspired by these stories and to feel included and empowered. We want you to notice your own strengths, perceived weaknesses and create your own definition of creativity so you can feel more joy, love and happiness. It is that simple, yet we make it that complicated. We are the creators of our own life making choices every moment. Join us tin being active participants in this thing called life to embrace and own your creative expression and talents that make you, You.

Return To The Mother World: Ancient Feminine Wisdom in Times of Transition is a multi author book. My Chapter is called Be Love See Love. It is my story of the imbalance between my feminine and masculine energies and how I developed the imbalance and how I healed it.  It also talks about the importance of each of us finding that balance in ourselves regardless of gender and sexual preference in order to bring balance to our world.

This book as been number 1 bestseller in multiple categories in US and International hot new release bestseller.

Return To The Mother World | Be Love See Love | Number One Best Selling Author

Podcast Guest Speaker:


Dealing Hope


Guiding Light To a Better Life


Transform Your Life - Choose Love


Connecting to Source

certified badass.png

Using Energy of Sound and Movement to Heal


Transformation and Changing Trajectory of Our Lives


Manifesting and our thoughts


Creativity Saved My Life (Bonus No Bullshit Meditation)


Layers Of Forgiveness

closer to venus.jpg

Shamanism and Energy Healing


The Power of Healing


Strategies for Self Love and Living a Fulfilled Life


Healing and Mindfulness


Healing Past Trauma and Value Your Truth

1 Id3IQtesOkyWi2SRz-Ui4A.jpg

Transforming Limiting Beliefs

beyond the check.jpg

Life Transformation and Healing


The Power Of Our Energy


Recognizing Emotional Triggers | Self Love | Grounding


Soul Wisdom Language and Our Path


Unlocking Your Potential To Experience Your Desired Life

Host Of Goodbye Bullshit
Hello Happiness Podcast

Sixty-Three Episodes. Talking about Life, Magic, Parenting, Power of The Young Generation, Healing from Trauma, and other life topics. This Show is Available on Spotify, Apple, Google, and other podcast platforms, as well as YouTube.

Most Popular Episodes:

  • Are you controlling life or allowing the flow?

  • Where does your power come from?

  • How to stay present for all that shows up in Daily Life?

  • How to deal with difficult people

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